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The Clairvoyant Training Program
A One Year Intensive for Self Healing and Personal Growth
Tuesday January 22, 2019
Program Cost is $200 per Month
Prerequisites to Start: Clairvoyance 101 and Clairvoyance 102

This is an intensive one-year training consisting of weekly lectures and exercises focused on developing your ability to see yourself and others clearly. This program emphasizes the psychic ability of clairvoyance, although other psychic abilities are taught as well. You learn how to use clairvoyance for self-healing. As a clairvoyant, you can experience life from a clear, neutral perspective. This year of training teaches all of the techniques you need to tune into your clairvoyance and use it in a healing manner

Beginning Students, in the first half of their training, focus on developing certainty in their ability to "psychically see" energy, information, thought, emotion, spirit, and more. This is where you learn the techniques to read an aura, chakras, spirit guides, and past lives. You will also advance beginning level tools like grounding, running energy, creating and de-energizing mental pictures, being in the center of your head, defining your space, and using neutrality and amusement. The emphasis is on developing proficiency as a psychic reader while using your psychic tools to strengthen your awareness and heal your body, mind, and soul.

Advance Students, in the final half of their program, concentrate on advance clairvoyant subjects and healing concepts. You will use your clairvoyance to explore and heal metaphysical constructs within the body and soul while understanding how these concepts function within the world. You will bring your communication with the Supreme Being to a new level. Spiritual entities, build your astral body, process the emotional body

The Clairvoyant Training Program is a dedicated space - a spiritual sanctuary - a time in which you will create significant personal and spiritual growth. You will experience and discover your own psychic gifts and learn to use your spiritual abilities to direct and control the health, happiness, welfare, and the freedom of being in your body. Deepen your connection to your spiritual sources and watch your life evolve.

In the Clairvoyant Program you will learn how to:

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Learn advance clairvoyant reading procedures and techniques


Develop the psychic skills required to see the energy surrounding a spirit in a body. You will strengthen your sixth chakra and expand your psychic certainty as you learn to read the aura, past lives, and personal questions of a various people.

Aura Reading
Chakra Reading
Past Life Reading
Male & Female Reading
Interrupting Metal Pictures
The Analytical and Intuitive Minds
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Acquire intensive healing methods for body, mind, and soul


Develop techniques to heal psychical disease, emotional trauma, psychological ailments, spirit disorders, and much more. You will learn to heal yourself as you perform clairvoyant readings for others while answering your own questions at the same time.

Aura Healing
Emotional Healing
Chakra Healing
Mental Healing
Supreme Being Healing
Heal Self While Reading Others
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Study a wide range of advance metaphysical concepts


Spiritual realities surround our physical world. This program teaches these concepts and shows you these ethereal influences. You will develop awareness of these spiritual influences while learning how to navigate and change your relationship with them.

In & Out of Body Experiences
The Astral Body and Astral Plane
Completing Karma Patterns
The Body and the Genetic Entity
Channeling & Trans mediumship
Akashic Records
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Communicate and heal through the Supreme Being


Connect and experience a relationship with your soul creator. Get on your spiritual path, follow your calling, and receive answers through divide guidance. Step into the light and find freedom from the darkness.

Supreme Being Communication
The Light Grid
The Higher-Self
The Universal Akasha
The God of Your Own Heart
Following Your Spiritual Path
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Develop awareness and seniority to spirit guides and entities


As a clairvoyant, you will become aware of the spiritual worlds and entities that co-exist here on earth. You will understand how these beings affect our health, success, relationships and over all lives. Learn to identify the beneficial guides and remove uninsurable beings.

Angels & Divine Entities
Seniority to Spiritual Entities
Working with Spirit Guides
Aliens & Extraterrestrials
Removing Attached Spirits
Ghosts and Hauntings
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Access your past life information and your spiritual truths


You have lived thousands of lifetimes as a spirit. Learn to identify and release old past life cycles and karma that may be affecting you now. Begin to access the life experience gained through your past lifetimes and use the information to create and enhance your current life.

Access you Akashic Records
Know and Speak Your Own Truth
Using Past Life Information in Present Time
Let Go of Behaviors That Don't Work
Get Answers to Your Questions
Discern Truths from Lies
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Enhance and strengthen the quality of your life and goals


Clairvoyance is a way of life, used for the betterment of ones spirituality, personal life, and career goals. Graduates of the Clairvoyant Training Program move forward into their life, equipped with the tools and awareness to create their dreams and manifest their goals.

Create Magic and Miracles
Heath and Wellness in the Body
Heal Yourself and Your Life
Create Financial Stability
Manifest your Career Goals
Clarity in Your Relationships

The Clairvoyant Training Program Includes:

The Psychic School: Classes For Clairvoyant Development Through Meditation Live 2-Hour Telephone Classes Every Tuesday Night
  The Clairvoyant Training Program includes weekly beginning and advance clairvoyant classes taught over the telephone. Come together with teachers and students for a live interactive psychic experience.
The Psychic School: Classes For Clairvoyant Development Through Meditation 24/7 Recorded Playback of All Clairvoyant Classes

All your live classes are recorded and accessible via telephone for up to six months. You can make up a missed class or review any of your classes whenever you wish.

The Psychic School: Classes For Clairvoyant Development Through Meditation The Clairvoyance Program Companion Workbook
  The Clairvoyant Program includes a companion workbook filled with visual imagery and activities to enhance your psychic development
The Psychic School: Classes For Clairvoyant Development Through Meditation Monthly One-on-One 30 Minute Clairvoyant Teacher Readings
  In the Clairvoyant Training Program, you will receive monthly teacher readings. These readings validate your individual growth and allow you some one-on-one time with your teachers.
The Psychic School: Classes For Clairvoyant Development Through Meditation A Psychic School Certificate of Graduation for the Program
  People who complete the Clairvoyant Training Program will receive a certificate of graduation, a diploma to validate the psychic growth you achieve through the course.
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