– 100-001 – FAQ: Live Class Attendance - The Psychic School

– 100-001 – FAQ: Live Class Attendance

How can I double check the dates and times listed are accurate to my location?

The dates and times listed in your online classroom are based on your detected location, as well as our timezone for added clarity. If your detected location is inaccurate, please use Time and Date Converter to calculate the correct dates and times for you.

VisitTime and Date Converter

Enter – Los Angeles

Enter Los Angeles Date

Enter Los Angeles Time

Enter – Your City or Timezone

How should I prepare before the class starts?

Before connecting to a live class, ensure you have a stable internet or telephone connection and have already installed the Zoom App if you are planning on attending using that option. Find a quiet room, create a sanctuary for yourself where you can be alone and uninterrupted for the duration of the class. Locate a comfortable chair so your body can be relaxed and at peace during the lectures and guided meditations. Eliminate distractions by notifying others at home that you wish to be alone for a few hours.

How can I connect to Zoom using the Zoom app?

You can easily connect to Zoom via the Zoom app by following these steps:

Visit the Zoom Download Center to install the software best suited to your needs.

Click on the Join in Zoom App button provided above.

If you have the Zoom app installed, it will automatically launch.

You will then be automatically connected to the class.

How can I connect to Zoom using a web browser?

If you prefer to use a web browser for Zoom, here’s how:

Click on the Join in Browser button provided above.

Your browser will open a new tab.

Enter the name you used to register for the course, then click Join Event via Browser.

You’ll then be connected to the class through your web browser.

How do I connect to Zoom using a telephone?

If you prefer to join the Zoom meeting via telephone, follow these steps:

Dial a local phone number provided above.

Enter the meeting ID when prompted, followed by the pound (#) key.

Enter the meeting passcode when prompted.

You’ll then be connected to the class via telephone audio.

How do I mute myself using the Zoom app, browser, or telephone?

To mute or unmute yourself:

In the Zoom app or browser, click on the microphone icon.

On the telephone, press *6 to mute/unmute your audio.

Will teachers be providing video, and is it mandatory for students to use it?

Teachers will share their video stream during the class, but it’s entirely optional for students. You can choose to enable or disable your camera based on your comfort level.

How do I turn on my own video if I choose to use it?

If you decide to use your video:

In the Zoom app or browser, click on the camera icon to start or stop your video feed.

How can I end the Zoom meeting using the app, browser, or telephone?

To leave the meeting:

In the Zoom app or browser, click End Meeting or simply close the app or browser window.

On the telephone, you can exit the call by hanging up.