Leon LeGant

Clairvoyant Teacher

Leon LeGant is the founder of The Psychic School. He has over 30 years of experience as a psychic reader and clairvoyant teacher with specialized expertise and dedication to long-distant training.

Leon takes pride in providing detailed readings and life changing healings and is especially passionate about teaching others how to heal themselves and find their answers using their own psychic abilities.

Laura Macy

Clairvoyant Teacher

Laura Macy has been a dedicated psychic reader and clairvoyant teacher at The Psychic School for 8 years. Her experience and extraordinary abilities makes her one of our most exceptional instructors.

Laura knows that the solutions to one’s problems are within. With great skill and compassion, she guides students into the seat of their clairvoyance to find their confidence and take control of their lives.

Ann Crosby

Clairvoyant Teacher

Ann Crosby is a Psychic School blessing, providing compassion and support as a psychic reader and clairvoyant teacher for 8 years. Her wisdom and experience provides unprecedented insight.

Ann focuses her teaching towards awakening students to the beauty of their spirit, their psychic abilities, their natural divinity, and their connection to the earth, the cosmos, and the angelic.

Isabelle Pascal

Clairvoyant Teacher

Isabelle Pascal is a clairvoyant reader and healer, teaching at the Psychic School since 2017. Drawing from her experience, she brings a broad approach to the exploration of the energetic dynamics at play within.

As a teacher, Isabelle is passionate about guiding students to an expanded awareness of their own spirit and gifts, and honoring each person’s unique journey towards greater clarity, freedom and empowerment.

Emily Carter

Clairvoyant Teacher

Emily Carter is an adventure loving artist, an astute clairvoyant, and a general bon vivant. Forever curious, they approach new people and experiences with wonder and delight. Emily has been teaching since 2017.

Emily believes in the transformative power of being exposed to a new perspective and encourages people to abandon the judgement used to measure themselves against others and to find validation within.

Natalie Colosimo

Clairvoyant Teacher

Natalie Colosimo is a graduate of both the Clairvoyant Training Program and the Clairvoyant Teacher Program at The Psychic School. She has intensively participated in hundreds of readings and healings.

Natalie facilitates transformative experiences through unique and insightful readings and healings. She is especially passionate about witnessing others discover their own psychic abilities, heal and find joy.

Ursula Renate

Clairvoyant Teacher

Ursula Renate is a compassionate clairvoyant teacher and talented psychic reader at The Psychic School. She has been reading and healing through the school since 2017.

Ursula is inspired to help students explore their psychic abilities and connect to their intuition. She enjoys working with people as they break free from limitations to find their awareness and sense of wonder.

Sonal Mukhi

Clairvoyant Teacher

Sonal Mukhi has been a clairvoyant reader, spiritual healer, and psychic teacher with The Psychic School since 2017. Sonal’s passion is facilitating transformation and healing within her students.

Sonal is driven by her own self-awareness and divine purpose. She finds immense joy in teaching psychic tools and techniques while watching her students revel in their spiritual growth and awakenings.

Tim Macy

Clairvoyant Teacher

Tim Macy is an experienced clairvoyant teacher at the Psychic School. Brimming with years of expertise and knowledge in this realm, Tim specializes in clairvoyance training, meditation and spiritual healing.

He finds pleasure in working hand-in-hand clients and students that want to unlock and invoke their clairvoyant abilities and in turn use them to overcome their fears, face their demons, and attain their full potential.

Cody Edner

Clairvoyant Teacher

Cody Edner is one of the most seasoned psychic readers and clairvoyant teachers working with The Psychic School. With 30 years expertise, he specialize in teaching clairvoyant graduate programs.

Cody’s passion is coaching advance students the miracle of their mediumship, providing an opportunity to develop channeling skills for spiritual healing, personal growth, and professional transformation.