About Us

The Mission

The Psychic School is a spiritual sanctuary where individuals from around the world come together and use psychic tools designed to unlock and awaken natural clairvoyance. Clairvoyance allows you to find your own answers, solve the biggest of problems, see and communicate with angels, explore past lives and akashic records, and read the auras, chakras, and spirits of the people around you.

The Psychic School is dedicated to awakening the highest potential of the human spirit. Together we are owning our psychic abilities, embracing cosmic consciousness, and connecting with universal divinity. We offer foundational courses, continuational classes, downloadable workshops, graduational programs, as well as psychic readingsspiritual healings, and meditation retreats to anyone with an open heart and open mind. At The Psychic School, you will use your psychic abilities to create a more meaningful, healthy and joyful life.

  • Personal empowerment through clairvoyant meditation
  • Simple yet powerfully efficient tools for psychic development
  • Psychic tools that expand creativity, healing, and awareness
  • Courses taken from home over the telephone and online
  • Connection to teachers and students from around the world
  • Optional MP3 attendance when traveling or time conflicts
  • MP3 copies of all your classes for personal use and review
  • Psychic readings by students, graduates, and teaching staff
  • Spiritual healings that facilitate growth and transformation
  • Meditations that are simple and fun with observable results

Established in 2000, The Psychic School is the first psychic development center to offer long-distance clairvoyant training from the comfort of one’s home. We are the only organization of its kind that is 100% devoted to teaching over the telephone and online. No other school is more dedicated and committed to psychic development through distance learning.

We are founded in the belief that everyone should have access to psychic tools and the spiritual freedom they bring. The Psychic School is a spiritual haven where sensitive people can develop their psychic abilities for self-healing, gaining information, and finding the answers they seek. In our telephone and online classrooms, teachers and students come together to learn, laugh, meditate, and play as we explore and develop our psychic abilities in a safe and exciting way.

The Teachings

There are many forms of meditation in this world and various modalities for healing as well.  The Psychic School is unique in the teachings we offer, based on techniques that utilize mental image pictures, visualizations that serve specific goals for expanding awareness, focusing consciousness, and healing ourselves. We provide a new way of understanding our earthly world, a new language to explain it. Through clairvoyant meditation, we see the world with eyes of clarity and from a neutral perspective. As many of the world’s problems seem inexplicable and insurmountable to the average person; to a clairvoyant, they are very simple psychic energies that are easy to transcend.

The Psychic School is not based on New Age philosophy, focusing only on a “love and light” mentality. Our psychic teachings are ancient in origin, focusing on clear vision and discernment, to tell a truth from a lie, to see the light and separate from the dark. The psychic tools we offer are based on age-old teachings from around the world and from varying cultures throughout time, all brought together in a cohesive meditation system that is simple to use, but powerfully efficient in application.  Our courses, workshops and programs teach the ways of spirit, the mechanics of creating one’s reality on a spiritual level so that we can manifest in our physical world. What makes us so different is our ability to take spiritual concepts and apply them to our everyday life for practical useful application towards any and all goals.

Our Foundational Courses form the base of everything we teach. Taken in progression, step-by-step; you will unlock your psychic abilities and discover how powerful you really are. Each course builds on the last, taking what you have learn thus far and adding up from there. You will own your clairvoyance, learn what you can do with your clairvoyance, see and communicate with your angel guides, and heal your body, mind, and soul.

Step One: Clairvoyant Meditation 101 Class (Live) – Teaches the tools used to own your clairvoyance. You will bring your spirit into your body, focus your consciousness and awareness into your third eye, run earth and cosmic energy through your chakras to open and activate all of your psychic abilities, manage your sensitivity and protect yourself from the influence of others, and use your clairvoyance to create and manifest your goals.

Step Two: Clairvoyant Meditation 102 Class (Live) – Teaches the tools that allow you to focus and use your clairvoyance. You will master your creativity while getting control over your reality, heal yourself from pain and release traumas from the past, use your clairvoyance to solve problems with ease, clear a building from negativity and unwanted spirits, use neutrality as a form of psychic protection, and integrate meditation into your daily life.

Step Three: Clairvoyant Healing 101 Class (live) – Teaches the tools for spiritual healing and how to see and communicate with angels. You will  awaken your healing abilities and use them for yourself, no longer using your own body and energy to take on the pain and problems of others. Instead, you will learn to work with angels we call Healing Masters to heal yourself and others, all while becoming proficient at performing various types of healings.

Step Four: Clairvoyant Healing 102 Class (Live) – Teaches the tools for cellular healing on the physical body. You will work with an additional angel called a Psychic Surgeon, performing healings on nerves, muscles, bone, and organs. You will learn how to repair whacks to the aura, remove the control of others, perform Supreme Being healings, heal the relationships between individuals, and use your healing skills in emergency situations.

Step Five: The Clairvoyant Training Program (Live) – The heart and soul of The Psychic School, a one-year intensive that teaches you how to see the human spirit. You will learn how to read an aura, open the chakras, access past lives, communicate with spirit guides, heal yourself and others, and control your reality. This is a time of incredible healing and transformation, a life changing experience with rewards that last a lifetime and beyond.

Our Continuational Courses take the psychic tools you have learned in our foundational Clairvoyant Meditation 101 Class and Clairvoyant Meditation 102 Class and applies them to an assortment of special interest subjects. Available as live telephone and online classes, they allow for student participation and interaction, along with MP3 copies upon completion. These courses promote practical application of your psychic tools to a variety of everyday topics.

Psychic Abilities Workshops (Live) – These two-hour workshops create additional opportunities to continue your psychic development; showing you how to use your psychic tools for a variety of personal, career, and spiritual goals. In these playful workshops, you will gain proficiency as a blossoming psychic, enhance your clairvoyant awareness, and maintain consistent practice with your daily meditations, all while creating miracles in your real world life.

Relationship Series Workshops (Live) – This series for 2019 features a collection of ten workshops, focused on relationships, communication and all around love. Each class addresses the life experiences and spiritual influences affecting your relationships, allowing you to transcend the old and create anew with others and self. You are welcome to participate in one individual workshop or experience the complete series of all ten classes.

Our Downloadable Courses allow instant access to our library database of recorded MP3 classes, all for students who have completed our foundational Clairvoyant Meditation 101 Class and Clairvoyant Meditation 102 Class. Featuring an assortment of subject materials, these MP3s reinforce your meditation tools and intensify your healing skills, all while accelerating your spiritual growth and creating miraculous changes in your life.

Clairvoyant Meditation 103 Classes (MP3)These one-hour MP3 downloads advance your psychic tools beyond our Clairvoyant Meditation 102 Class. You will enhance the psychic tools you’ve already learned, expand your clairvoyant arsenal with new techniques, and reinforce your daily meditation practice; all while facilitating continued spiritual growth, enhancing your creative abilities, and manifesting miracles in daily life.

Clairvoyant Healing 103 Classes (MP3)These one-hour MP3 downloads expand upon the healing tools you learned in our Clairvoyant Healing 102 Class. You will strengthen your relationship with your angels, discover new healing energies to work with, and develop advance healing procedures and techniques, all while deepening your ability to heal yourself and the people of your choosing. Completion of Clairvoyant Healing 102 Class is required.

Psychic Abilities Workshops (MP3) – These two-hour MP3 workshops allow you to hone your psychic skills and expand your clairvoyant abilities whenever and wherever you like. In this downloadable playground, you will flex your clairvoyant muscles, strengthening your psychic abilities, and stay in tip-top form with consistent use of your meditation tools, all while creating meaningful transformation in your everyday life.

Money Series Workshops (MP3) – This series from 2018 features a collection of ten workshops, focused on money and prosperity. Each class addresses the life experiences and spiritual influences affecting your financial reality, creating an opportunity to release old patterns and transform your relationship with money. You are welcome to download one individual workshop or experience the complete series of all ten classes.

Our Graduation Courses are open to individuals who have completed The Clairvoyant Training Program and beyond. These advance programs take your psychic abilities to powerful new levels. Each program has its own focus, a unique direction for expanded development, healing, and empowerment. A spiritual sanctuary providing support and guidance, students create miracles and master skills that impact every aspect of their life and beyond.

The Clairvoyant Teachers Program (Live) – Develop the crown chakra ability of “knowingness” to gain full control over your reality. This program gives you the skills to manage successful businesses, manifest health and wellness in the body, create balanced nurturing relationships, and essentially manifest anything else you set your mind to. Take everything you have learned thus far and elevate it to a whole new level of empowerment.

The Trance Medium Program (Live) – Develop the crown chakra ability of “mediumship” for transformative healing and divine communication. This program is a bridge between heaven and earth, the spiritual and the physical; when fully aware on both sides, you become a powerful creator, and life becomes exciting, dynamic and the fun game it is meant to be. Joy and fulfillment is no longer a future pursuit but a state of present time beingness.

The Difference

The Psychic School is founded on the concept of spirit, the knowledge that our physical world is a manifestation of a spiritual reality. Our spirituality should not be separated from our normal everyday life. Instead, they should work together in harmony to support and nurture each other. What makes The Psychic School so unique is that we teach awareness of the spirit world and provide psychic tools for creating, healing, and transforming on a spiritual level. When we create and heal as spirit, the spirit transforms and builds the physical. The Psychic School is committed to providing you with the psychic tools used to manage spirit and showing you how to apply those tools in your everyday life. You are a unique individual, experiencing a journey unlike any other. No matter where you are in your life, our teachings will enable you to progress without limit or obstruction. The ownership of your psychic abilities will allow you to focus on your individual goals and find answers to the questions exclusive to you.

The Psychic School is passionate about guiding individuals like you in awakening and owning your psychic abilities. Watching students creating miracles in their everyday life, finding the answers they have been searching for most, and experiencing the joy found in connecting with universal divinity; nothing is more rewarding for our teachers. The interactions between teachers and students allows us all to continually expand our awareness and further develop our psychic skills. It is our pleasure to watch you heal and transform your life, to create the life you have always dreamed of; we are forever grateful for the opportunity to work with people just like you.

The Free Open House

Our Free Clairvoyant Meditation Open House will give you a taste of The Psychic School curriculum; providing you with an opportunity to meet our teachers and giving you a personal look into our school as you experience our long-distance classrooms and psychic teachings for yourself. In this two-hour class, you will learn what makes you psychic, what is required to turn on and develop your spiritual abilities, and how clairvoyant meditation facilitates this growth.

Teachers will provide you with three powerful psychic tools by walking you through two guided meditations. The first meditation will teach you how to ground your body, heal and release pain, find yourself as a spirit, and bring your spirit into your body. The second meditation will teach you how to focus your consciousness and awareness within your sixth chakra, the seat of your clairvoyance and the control center to your reality. This free open house will conclude with a question and answer period focused on what has been taught and The Psychic School as a whole. Attendees who complete this class will receive one FREE Psychic Reading by Clairvoyant Students* and one FREE Angel Healing in the Spiritual Healing Clinic* so that you can continue your exploration of The Psychic School and all that we have to offer you.

* While supplies last, limited space available

Join Our Free Open House

The Founder

The Psychic School was founded in 2000 by Leon LeGant, as a globally available long-distance training center. After many years working as a professional psychic, with clients all around the world, Leon noticed two trends that inspired him to create a dedicated distant learning school for clairvoyance. Firstly, Leon noticed that many of his clients mistakenly thought he had their answers when they received a psychic reading from him. Secondly, many of Leon’s clients were in a state of psychic awakening, but did not have a school or the resources within their geographic location to nurture and develop those blossoming abilities. With this awareness, a calling was received and The Psychic School was born.

You Already Have Your Own Answers Within – As Leon performed psychic readings for clients, many of them seemed to think he had their answers. That is an illusion, a mistaken conclusion when one receives a powerful psychic reading from anyone truly capable. It may seem like a psychic is providing you with answers; but in actuality, it is the client that is providing all the information that comes up in a good reading. You already have your own answers and those answers are within you, from you the spiritual being. It is your higher-self that knows why you are here, where you are going, what is blocking you, and how to move forward. A psychic simply looks at a person’s spirit; it is the higher-self that provides all the information. Finding your answers and knowing your direction is actually quite simple, you just need to know how to connect to your spirit and this is what The Psychic School’s teachings are all about.

Globally Available Psychic Training – Knowing that everyone has their own answers, Leon found his calling as a clairvoyant teacher; to show individuals how to roll their eyes inward, to see one’s self as a spiritual being, and to find their answers from within. However, Leon’s clients were all over the world, so the question became, “how can we bring psychic training to people wherever they live?”. In 2000, no one was offering telephone classes for clairvoyant development. Books, audiotapes, and CDs claiming to teach psychic abilities could be found, but true clairvoyant development requires student participation, especially in The Clairvoyant Training Program which requires students to read together in live inperson practice readings. It is through group trainings that students integrate the information presented in classes and provides them the opportunity to develop certainty as a psychic in training. With research, passion and dedication, Leon developed a long distance curriculum that utilizes telephone conferencing, MP3 downloads, and online technology to provide a complete, cohesive, and interactive clairvoyant development program that anyone can take from the comfort of their home.

Once the calling was received, the question became “how can we bring psychic training to people wherever they live. At the time, psychic training centers were numerous in spiritually minded locations like San Francisco, California and Sedona, Arizona, but Leon had clients all around the United states and beyond, many were awakening to their abilities and in need of training and tools to direct those new abilities. Leon spent one year looking at the technology available at the time and formulated a method for training psychic from home over the telephone.

At the time, no other psychic training center offered long distance training. Leon was the first, a pioneer teacher who opened the door for individuals worldwide to be able to develop their psychic abilities no matter where they live. Other schools that focus on local classes and in person courses have since followed suit, many of which literally copying the format developed by Leon, simply by throwing a telephone speaker and microphone into their in persona local classes. But The Psychic School was founded as a long-distance training center and dedicated to this date. It is our area of expertise, making psychic development real and tangible and available to people from around the world.

Initially discovering his abilities in adolescence, over the course of several years, Leon’s clairvoyant abilities continued to amplify. His ability to see ghosts and the spirits of the dead expanded to include beings and entities from other worlds and dimensions. It was the undeniable ability to see that changed his career path. In order to really hone his skills, Leon began his training, which would last over the course of 10 years.  This included Leadership Programs, as well as Clairvoyant Teaching.

During his training, Leon found a passion for teaching others to harness their own psychic potential. He opened his own psychic school in 2000, where he’s taught thousands of students, including distance learners as far away as Jerusalem. Long-distance psychic training had not been done before and Leon was the first to lead the way.  Most psychic centers in the area base their distance learning on Leon’s model, which is still very successful.

Leon has the unique ability to look into the deepest pain and fear of his clients and free them from their influence; to truly free their body, mind and soul of old trauma, pain, fears, and anxieties. He hopes someday that he can see every human on earth using their own clairvoyance in a relationship with God and themselves. Leon currently resides in Bali, Indonesia, where he enjoys weight training, scuba diving, and exploring Southeast Asia.

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