– 100-002 – FAQ: Recorded Class Attendance - The Psychic School

– 100-002 – FAQ: Recorded Class Attendance

If I cannot make the live class in person, can I take the class using the recordings?

Students Can Attend Classes Through Recordings. While we love the dynamic energy of our live classes, we recognize that life gets busy and many of our students are in different timezones around the world. This is not a problem at The Psychic School. You will never miss a class due to illness, scheduling conflicts, or geographic location.

Students unable to attend live classes in person are asked to enroll for Recorded Class Attendance by sending a request to info@psychicschool.com before a course begins. Recorded Class Attendance allows teachers to monitor your progress as you listen to classes and give special guidance to those outside the live Zoom meetings.

Are the class recordings available for everyone?

All live classes are recorded on both video and MP3 audio. You will find streaming video and MP3 download links posted within 24 hours after each live class. These recordings are yours for independent study and personal use, regardless of whether you attended live or are registered for Recorded Class Attendance.

How should I prepare before starting a recorded class?

Preparations made before streaming a video class or listening to an MP3 recording are equal to that of a live class, create a sanctuary for yourself first. Find a quiet room where you can be alone and uninterrupted for the duration of the class. Locate a comfortable chair so your body can be relaxed and at peace during the lectures and guided meditations. Eliminate distractions by notifying others at home that you wish to be alone for a few hours.

I missed the live class and It is my first time listening to the recording, how should I proceed?

When playing a class for the first time, we recommend you listen to the entire class from start to finish, without stopping or taking breaks. You’ll get a lot more out of class when you fully participate from beginning to end in one sitting. When completed, be sure to fill out the Completed Class Form so our teachers can follow-up with you.

I already completed a class, can I repeat the class again?

Students who wish to review a class they have already completed are more than welcome to do so. You can listen to the entire class from start to finish or you can skip ahead to a specific lecture or meditation. Submission of the Completed Class Form is not necessary if you attended live or if you already submitted the form for said class.

What information is provided in the PDF handouts?

In our courses you will learn powerful psychic tools. PDF handouts contain written descriptions of those tools with step by step instructions on how they are used. Applicable PDF handouts will be linked here in your online classroom, either before the course begins and/or as classes conclude. Feel free to download these handouts and review them as needed.

What materials can I download and save to my computer or smartphone?

MP3 audio recordings from live classes and PDF handouts are available for download to your computer or smartphone. Video recordings are only available to stream from your online classroom.

How can I download MP3 and PDF materials to my personal device?

Dropbox is an online cloud storage service that we use for sharing MP3 and PDF downloads. Having a free Dropbox account is optional, but recommended as it adds convenience by allowing you to access your MP3 on any device and save your downloads instantly at the click of a button. Once saved to dropbox, your files are available on multiple devices, anywhere and anytime.

You can always download your MP3s and PDFs to a computer, even without a Dropbox account. Downloading your materials will grant you access to your files whether you are online or offline. This is especially useful when adding MP3s to media players like iTunes which will organize them into easy access albums based on each Psychic School course.

Will my access to my online classroom and the downloadable materials ever expire?

Yes, although we wish we could provide lifetime access to recordings, limitations with storage and bandwidth makes this impossible. Please be sure to view class video streams and download all MP3 recordings and PDF handouts sooner rather than later as your online classroom and all downloads will be removed from the website and deleted off the server one year after a course concludes or two years after a program semester concludes.