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– 100-003 – FAQ: Student Energy Check Assignments

When should I start participating in Student Energy Check Assignments?

Students new to The Clairvoyant Training Program, within the first three months, are not required to trade energy checks. It takes a few months to get oriented and it is in the Weekly Practice Readings where you will open up your ability to read and develop your confidence and certainty. New students are more than welcome to trade energy checks, readings, and healings with other students immediately, however, Student Energy Check Assignments from classes during your first three months is optional.

Students in The Clairvoyant Teachers Program and greater can begin participating in Student Energy Check Assignments immediately.

When do I need to schedule Student Energy Check Assignments?

Student Energy Check Assignments need to be scheduled when you missed a live class and an energy check trade was completed during that class. When listening to Recorded Class Attendance, if you hear that a trade is being conducted, please follow the steps below so that you can also participate:

Write down the energy check assignment from the recording.

View the student contact list above.

Email the students within your class.

Schedule a day and time that works for both.

Trade phone numbers and agree who will call who.

Be sure to clean out for 30 minutes, both before and after the trade.

You can reach out to others who were not present in the class, this often encourages them to complete their Recorded Class Attendance as well, or you can reach out to those who were present live, as many of them enjoy the extra healing and growth that comes in repeating the exercise.

Can I trade energy checks, readings, and healings beyond just Student Energy Check Assignments?

Absolutely! If you ever feel like you’re stuck on a picture, a tool is malfunctioning, a being is lit up, or you simply want more practice reading or using your Healing Masters; you can reach out to other students to trade energy checks, readings, and healings any time for any reason. We simply ask you to be considerate, respectful, and give back; if you ask for a reading, give a reading back.

How much time does a Student Energy Check Assignment take?

Energy check trades do not need to take hours and hours. Setting up a 30-minute appointment is often plenty of time. That will give you each 15-minutes to be the readee and 15-minutes to be the reader. Be sure to give yourself 30-minutes before and after your scheduled appointment to clean out.

How can I respond in kindness when students email me requesting a trade, but I do not have time?

If a fellow student emails you asking if you are available to trade, please be courteous and kind enough to respond. If you have the time, awesome – read away! If you do not have the time, people will understand. Just let them know so they can find another student to work with. One day you might need an energy check from a fellow student, so being nice now can pay off later.

Do I have to trade energy checks with students I do not like?

If a student reaches out to you who rubs you the wrong way in classes or readings; those are the best people to trade energy checks with. It means they light you up and what better way to blow your pictures than to give them an energy check. There will always be people out in the world that light you up and we are learning how to get neutral to those people. We don’t have to like everyone in the program, but we do need to be respectful and nice to each other when we work together.

What should I do if another student acts inappropriately?

The Psychic School works very hard at creating a safe environment for all. If at anytime you feel another student has been inappropriate, please notify us immediately at info@psychicschool.com.