– 100-006 – FAQ: Monthly Teacher Energy Checks (Program) | The Psychic School

– 100-006 – FAQ: Monthly Teacher Energy Checks (Program)

When should I schedule my Monthly Teacher Energy Check?

Please wait until the first of the month before scheduling an energy check appointment with your assigned teacher for said month. Administration will also notify you by email on the first of each month to remind you to schedule your Monthly Teacher Energy Check and we will direct you back to your online classroom where you can confirm your assigned teacher and find their contact information. Your teacher will also receive this announcement and they may reach out to schedule with you, but we recommend that you be proactive and reach out to them to insure you get your Monthly Teacher Energy Check.

How do I schedule my Monthly Teacher Energy Check?

Students in The Clairvoyant Training Program need to email their assigned teacher and request an appointment. The Red Text Bars above list student to teacher pairings for each month. Simply click to open the desired month to confirm your assigned teacher and find their contact information, then follow these easy steps:

Click the Red Text Bar for the desired month.

Find your name and the teacher you are assigned to.

Click Email to Schedule to open a blank email.

Write a friendly email requesting an appointment.

Give your teacher one week to respond.

If no reply after one week, please email them a reminder.

Give your teacher one more week to respond.

If no reply after two weeks, please email info@psychicschool.com.

Once an appointment is created, meet your teacher in their conference line.

Call-In PDFs for all teachers can be found here.

What if my teacher does not respond to my emails?

As you know, life gets busy sometimes and inboxes get full. When you email a teacher requesting an energy check, please give them one week to reply. If after that first week you do not get a response, please email them a second time with a friendly reminder. If after that second week your teacher still does not reply, please email info@psychicschool.com and let us know. We will contact your teacher on your behalf and assign you to a new teacher if necessary.

Please do not take a teacher’s unresponsiveness personally, it never is and is usually the result of a miscommunication.

Should I schedule a Monthly Teacher Energy Check even if I'm behind in my classes or readings?

Yes, this is an especially important time to schedule a teacher energy check.

Even if you are behind in your classes or readings, something that occasionally happens, please schedule your Monthly Teacher Energy Check. There is little permission on this planet for humans to own their clairvoyance and a lot of energy can get in the way of being able to have the program. Your teachers can look at what might be interfering and help you clear the energy so you can have the program and own your clairvoyance.

How should I prepare before calling into my Teacher Energy Check appointment?

Find a quiet room, a comfortable chair, and eliminate distractions. Before your appointment, use your psychic tools and meditate for 30 minutes. A Monthly Teacher Energy Check is a reading of your tools, so give yourself some time to use your tools before calling into your appointment.

For example:

Meditate 30 minutes beforehand.

Bring in gold suns.

Ground your body to the earth.

Bring in and define your aura.

Clean the center of your head.

Run earth and cosmic energy.

Change your separation rose.

Create and destroy roses, blow pictures.

Use other tools learned in classes.

Dump out the trance before calling.

When do my Monthly Teacher Energy Checks expire?

Monthly Teacher Energy Checks expire fifteen days after the assigned month has passed. Your appointment date can be for any day, but the appointment must be scheduled with your teacher before the expiration date.

What if I need to cancel and reschedule my Monthly Teacher Energy Check?

If you are not able to attend your energy check appointment, please contact your teacher ASAP using their email address found above, and contact administration at info@psychicschool.com so we can offer the appointment to someone else.

Energy check cancellations require 48 hours notice in order to be reschedule at no additional cost. Being more than 15 minutes late is considered a no-show and all no-shows and cancelations with less than 48 hours notice can only be rescheduled at the cost of $75.

We try to be understanding of a student’s circumstances, but also understand that teachers are putting aside their time for you and without proper notice they cannot restructure their time.