– 300-005 – Facebook Group Information - The Psychic School

– 300-005 – Facebook Group Information

Facebook Group

The Psychic School has a closed group on Facebook, titled Psychic School Students. This private group is for everyone who has ever taken classes at The Psychic School. Members range from Clairvoyant Meditation 101 students to graduates of The Clairvoyant Training Program. It also includes the teachers and staff at The Psychic School.

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In our Facebook group, you will discover tips and tricks about your psychic development, connect with other clairvoyants from around the world, and learn how their tools are changing their lives. It is also a great place for you to share your miracle stories as your psychic abilities strengthen and grow.

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What is Psychic School Students, the Facebook group?

Psychic School Students is a closed Facebook group exclusively for students of The Psychic School. It serves as a private community for students to connect, share experiences, and engage in discussions related to psychic development, courses, and other relevant topics.

Who is eligible to join Psychic School Students?

This group is open only to students who have enrolled in Psychic School courses. If you are a student, you are welcome to request membership in the group.


How can I join Psychic School Students?

To join the group, you can follow these steps:

Click to view Psychic School Students.

Click the Join Group button.

You will be prompted to answer a few questions to verify your student status.

Once your request is approved, you will become a member.

What kind of content is allowed in the group?

Psychic School Students is a platform for discussing psychic development, sharing insights, seeking advice, and connecting with fellow students. Members are encouraged to post relevant questions, share experiences, and engage in meaningful conversations related to their psychic journey.

Is the group monitored or moderated?

Yes, the group is moderated by administrators to ensure that discussions remain respectful, on-topic, and in line with the group’s purpose. Inappropriate or unrelated content will be removed.

Can I invite friends or family who are not students at The Psychic School to join the group?

Psychic School Students is exclusively for individuals who have enrolled in Psychic School courses, and membership is restricted to them. Inviting non-students is discouraged, as it’s intended to maintain the group’s focus and privacy.

Is my participation in the group visible to others on Facebook?

The group is closed, meaning that only members can see the content and activities within the group. Your participation is not visible to your Facebook friends unless they are also members of the group.

What if I have technical issues or questions related to the group?

If you encounter technical issues or have questions about the group, you can reach out to the group administrators or email info@psychicschool.com for assistance. They are there to help and provide guidance.

Can I use the group to promote my own psychic services or products?

The primary purpose of the group is to facilitate discussions among students. Self-promotion of personal services or products is not allowed.

What should I do if I see inappropriate or offensive content in the group?

If you come across inappropriate or offensive content, you can report it to the group administrators or email info@psychicschool.com. We will take appropriate action to address the issue and maintain the group’s positive environment.