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Clairvoyant Healing 102 Classroom – Fall 2020

Greetings Healers

Welcome to The Psychic School and our Clairvoyant Healing 102 Class. Congratulations on taking the next step in expanding your psychic tools into the world of cellular healing. Leon LeGant, Laura Macy and all the other Psychic School Teachers are excited to work with you and are happy to help you along this amazing journey. Scroll through this webpage to find everything you need to make this course fun, easy and enlightening.

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All MP3 Class Recordings and PDF Handouts associated with this course are available here in one convenient location. These materials are yours to keep for independent study and personal use. You will find new download links posted here within 24 hours after a live class concludes. Please be sure to download and save these valuable materials as soon as this course concludes. This online classroom and all downloads will be removed from the website on Wednesday, December 22, 2021.

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MP3 Only Attendance

Students Can Attend Classes Through MP3 Recordings. While we love the dynamic energy of our live classes, we recognize that life gets busy and many of our students are in different time zones around the world. This is not a problem at The Psychic School. You will never miss a class due to illness, scheduling conflicts, or geographic location.

Students unable to attend live classes in person are required to enroll for MP3 Only Attendance by sending a request to before a course begins. MP3 Only Attendance allows teachers to monitor your progress as you listen to classes and give special guidance to those outside the live classroom.

If you miss a live class, be sure to submit an MP3 Class Report below after you complete the recording so we can update our attendance records.

MP3 Recordings for Everyone

All live classes are recorded on MP3. You will find download links posted within 24 hours after each live class. These MP3 recordings are yours to keep for independent study and personal use, regardless of whether you attended live or are registered for MP3 Only Attendance.

Missing One Live Class

If you are attending our live classes by telephone or online (recommended), but for whatever reason need to miss one, please notify us at before the live class begins. This will let your teachers know you will be in tapeland and they will not wait for your arrival before starting the class. You can then make up the live class by downloading and listening to the MP3 recording. Be sure to submit an MP3 Class Report once completed so we can update our attendance records.

Missing All Live Classes

Again, we ask students who cannot attend the live classes to sign up for MP3 Only Attendance by sending a request to As a full-time tapeland student, teachers are able to monitor your progress as you listen to each class and give special guidance to those outside the live classroom. Be sure to submit an MP3 Class Report as you complete each class so we can update our attendance records.

Set Your MP3 Class Schedule

Whether you’re a full-time tapeland student or you simply missed one class, it is important that you create specific days and times to listen to your classes. Those enrolled for MP3 Only Attendance are especially encouraged to create a regular weekly schedule of attendance for themselves; pick a day where you will have two hours to listen to your classes uninterrupted. It can be especially helpful to write this in your schedule so the time is designated and you will not forget. Modern life can get very busy really quickly, so unless you create a schedule early, you might have a hard time finding time to sit down and complete your classes.

Before Playing an MP3

Preparations made before listening to an MP3 recording are equal to that of a live class, create a sanctuary for yourself first. Find a quiet place where you can be alone, uninterrupted for the duration of the class. Locate a comfortable chair so your body can be relaxed and at peace during the lectures and guided meditations. Eliminate distractions by notifying others at home that you wish to be alone for a few hours and turn off your telephone so callers will not interrupt you.

First Time MP3 Attendance

When playing a class for the first time, we recommend you listen to the entire class from start to finish, without stopping or taking breaks. Each class starts with an opening meditation, which reviews the tools you have learned thus far, but more importantly, that opening meditation brings you into a clairvoyant state. From that clairvoyant trance you will learn new psychic concepts, followed by tools to address those topics. We want you to be clairvoyant during your classes. When students listen to half a class and then return hours or days later to complete it, they no longer have the benefit of being in the clairvoyant state created by the opening meditation. You’ll get a lot more out of each class when you fully participate, from beginning to end in one sitting.

Repeating an MP3 Class

Students who wish to review a class they have already completed are more than welcome to do so. You can listen to the entire class from start to finish or you can skip ahead to a specific lecture or meditation. When skipping ahead, we suggest that you first take 10 to 15 minutes to “find your space”. This means creating your own opening meditation by bringing in a few gold suns, grounding your body and aura, owning the center of your head, running earth and cosmic energy, and using a few of the other tools you have already learned. Once you have found your space, you can then skip to any meditation or lecture of your choosing.

Submit an MP3 Class Report

Students in tapeland, whether registered for MP3 Only Attendance or simply missed a live class, are required to submit an MP3 Class Report. Please fill out the online form in the section below and let us know you have finished your classes. Once submitted, our staff will update our attendance records and give you credit for completing each class.

PDF: Healing Master Worksheet

In our Clairvoyant Healing 102 Class, you learn how to work with two angels who specialize in spiritual healing and cellular healing. The Healing Master Worksheet outlines the rules your Healing Master and Psychic Surgeon must follow in order to work with you, procedures for plugging them into your hand chakras, steps involved in giving a healing to yourself and others, as well as the procedures for completing a healing, making separations, and unplugging your both guides.

PDF: Dial-In Instructions

The Psychic School has a large network of telephone and online classrooms. Each course, reading, healing and teacher has their own conference line. On this page you will find the Dial-In PDF Instructions for calling into live Clairvoyant Healing 102 Classes, our Spiritual Healing Clinics, as well as the conference lines used for your Assigned Teacher Energy Checks.

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Saving Files to a Computer

You can always download your MP3s and PDFs to a computer, even without a Dropbox account. Downloading your materials will grant you access to your files whether you are online or offline, anywhere and anytime. This is especially useful when adding MP3s to media players like iTunes, which will organize them into easy access albums based on each Psychic School course.

Download Expirations

Please be sure to download all MP3 recordings and PDF handouts sooner rather than later. Your online classroom and all downloads will be removed from the website and deleted off the server on the date listed above.

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Next Step Course


The Clairvoyant Training Program

The Clairvoyant Training Program is a one-year course consisting of weekly classes and practice readings focused on developing your ability to see yourself and others clearly. This program emphasizes the psychic ability of clairvoyance, although other psychic abilities are taught as well. You will learn how to use clairvoyance for self-healing, solving problems, and getting answers. As a clairvoyant, you can experience life from a clear, neutral perspective. This year of training teaches all of the techniques you need to tune into your clairvoyance and use it in a healing manner

Intermediate Clairvoyant Program, the first half of The Clairvoyant Training Program, focuses on developing certainty in your ability to “see” energy, information, thought, emotion, spirit, and more. This is where you learn the techniques to read an aura, chakras, spirit guides, and past lives. You will also advance the foundational tools from Clairvoyant Meditation 101 and Clairvoyant Meditation 102, including grounding, running energy, creating and de-energizing mental image pictures, being in the center of your head and sixth chakra, defining your aura, and using neutrality and amusement. The emphasis is on developing proficiency as a psychic reader while using your meditation and healing tools to strengthen your awareness and heal your body, mind, and spirit.

Advance Clairvoyant Program, the final half of The Clairvoyant Training Program, concentrates on advance clairvoyant subjects and healing concepts. You will use your clairvoyance to explore and heal metaphysical constructs within the body and spirit while understanding how these concepts function within the world around you. You will bring your communication with the Supreme Being and other spiritual entities to a new level while rebuilding your astral body and healing on an overall level.

The Clairvoyant Training Program is a dedicated space – a spiritual sanctuary – a time in which you will create significant personal and spiritual growth. You will experience and discover all of your psychic abilities and learn to use your spiritual awareness to direct and control your health, happiness, welfare, and the freedom of being a spirit in a body. As you deepen your connection to your spiritual sources, you will watch your life transform and evolve.