Men’s Intuition Open House Classroom – Summer 2023

Greetings Psychics

Welcome to The Psychic School and our Men’s Intuition Free Open House. Here you will explore our Men’s Intuition 101 and 102 courses, discover our male curriculum, become acquainted with our teachers, and learn some new psychic tools. The Psychic School Teachers are excited to work with you and are happy to help you along this amazing journey.

Scroll through this webpage to find everything you need to make this class fun, easy, and enlightening.

Live Class Schedule

International Dates

Americas / Europe
Date – Saturday, July 15, 2023

Asia / Australia
Sunday, July 16, 2023

International Times

9:00 a.m. America/Los Angeles
12:00 p.m. America/New York
5:00 p.m. Europe/London
6:00 p.m. Europe/Paris
7:00 p.m. Europe/Athens

12:00 a.m. Asia/Singapore
1:00 a.m. Asia/Tokyo
2:00 a.m. Australia/Sydney

The days and times listed above are for various cities and times zones around the world. For students outside the listed cities, please use Time and Date Converter to calculate the correct day and time for your location.

VisitTime and Date Converter
Enter – Los Angeles (time zone)
Click – Set Los Angeles Date (listed above)
Click – Set Los Angeles Time (listed above)
Enter – Your City or Time Zone

Live Class Attendance

We always ask students to call in live, to be present and attend classes in person by telephone or online. Live participation allows you to ask questions in real time, share your experiences as you learn new tools, and inspire others with the miracles you create during the class.

While this class is best enjoyed live, we also recognize that the time for our live courses may not work for all. Students unable to attend live are asked to enroll for MP3 Only Attendance by sending a request to before the course begins.

Telephone Access

US Telephone – +1 605 313 5542
UK Telephone – +44 330 088 1927

Access Code – 5981981

Apple & Android Access

Get the App – Download Here
Meeting ID masculine

Computer Internet Access

Get the App – Download Here
Meeting ID masculine

PDF Call-In Information

Live Class Call-In PDF

International Telephone Numbers for over 60+ countries and Instructions for Dialing Over Internet using a smartphone or computer can be found in our Dial-In PDF Instructions located in the All Class Downloads section below.

At the start time of your class, please dial into the conference line using the method of your choosing from above. When dialing via telephone, enter the access code when prompted. When using a smartphone or computer app, use the links above to download and install the Free Conference Call app to your device and use the meeting ID to login. Web browser access is discouraged due to connectivity issues, but we provide this option for convenience when students are traveling and away from home devices.

24 Hour Test Call

Please be sure to test your dial-in methods at least 24 hours before your class begins. If you hear a welcome greeting followed by hold music after dialing, you know you have a good connection. If you cannot dial-in by telephone or through an internet application, please let us know by emailing us at so we can assist you.

Before the Call

Before dialing into a live class, create a sanctuary for yourself first. Find a quiet place where you can be alone, uninterrupted for the duration of the class. Locate a comfortable chair so your body can be relaxed and at peace during the lectures and guided meditations. Eliminate distractions by notifying others at home that you wish to be alone for a few hours. You might even deactivate three-way calling and turn off devices not being used to attend the class.

Making the Call

At the start time of class, dial into the conference using the method of your choosing. Students will hear hold music until the teachers arrive. Please be patient while waiting on hold, we do our best to be prompt, but technology can be fickle and occasionally it takes a few minutes for us to arrive. If you ever find yourself on hold past five minutes of the scheduled start time, please use live chat support here on our website for instant assistance.

Taking Attendance

Teachers will start class by taking attendance. Please let us know you are present and give us your first name when asked so we can document your participation. Our conference lines allow us to identify callers using caller ID, telephone numbers, and the name you entered through the online apps. Callers we cannot identify may be ejected from the conference, so please identify yourself when asked.

Muting the Call

Occasionally students have noise in their environment beyond their control. If this happens during your class, please place yourself on mute. You can use the mute button on your telephone, the mute button found in the apps, or press *6 to turn on and off the mute function. Although teachers have the ability to mute individuals or the group as a whole, we prefer that you have control over this feature so that you can ask questions whenever the need.

Getting Disconnected

Technology can be unpredictable, and although it almost never happens, the connection can occasionally drop. If you ever find yourself disconnected, calling back using the above dial-in methods should quickly reconnect you to the class.

After the Call

At the conclusion of a class, to disconnect from the call, simple hang up the telephone, use the disconnect buttons found in the apps, or just close the applications to disengage from the conference.


All Class Downloads

All MP3 Class Recordings and PDF Handouts associated with this course are available here in one convenient location. These materials are yours to keep for independent study and personal use. You will find new download links posted here within twenty-four (24) hours after a live class concludes.

Be sure to download and save these valuable materials in a timely manner as online classrooms expire one (1) year after the course concludes.

MP3 Class Recordings

Coming Soon

Please download MP3s before listening. Streaming through Dropbox may cause distortions.

Access on a Computer

  • View in a Browser – You can play and view your files directly in your web browser after clicking the above links
  • Download to a Computer – After clicking the above links, in the top right corner, click Download and select Direct Download
  • Save to Dropbox – After clicking the above links, in the top right corner, click Download and select Save to My Dropbox (either sign in or create a free account)

Access on a Mobile Device

  • Install the Free Dropbox App – Download from the App Store or Google Play and create a free account
  • View in the Dropbox App – You can play and view your files directly from the app after clicking the above links and selecting Open
  • Save to Your Dropbox – In the top right corner, click the menu icon (•••) and select Save to My Dropbox
  • Without Dropbox – Alternatively, you can access your files by selecting Cancel and clicking Continue to Website

MP3 Only Attendance

Students Can Attend Classes Through MP3 Recordings. While we love the dynamic energy of our live classes, we recognize that life gets busy and many of our students are in different time zones around the world. This is not a problem at The Psychic School. You will never miss a class due to illness, scheduling conflicts, or geographic location.

Students unable to attend live classes in person are asked to enroll for MP3 Only Attendance by sending a request to before a course begins. MP3 Only Attendance allows teachers to monitor your progress as you listen to classes and give special guidance to those outside the live classroom.

MP3 Recordings for Everyone

All live classes are recorded on MP3. You will find download links posted within 24 hours after each live class. These MP3 recordings are yours to keep for independent study and personal use, regardless of whether you attended live or are registered for MP3 Only Attendance.

Before Playing an MP3

Preparations made before listening to an MP3 recording are equal to that of a live class, create a sanctuary for yourself first. Find a quiet place where you can be alone, uninterrupted for the duration of the class. Locate a comfortable chair so your body can be relaxed and at peace during the lectures and guided meditations. Eliminate distractions by notifying others at home that you wish to be alone for a few hours and turn off your telephone so callers will not interrupt you.

First Time MP3 Attendance

When playing a class for the first time, we recommend you listen to the entire class from start to finish, without stopping or taking breaks. You’ll get a lot more out of class when you fully participate from beginning to end in one sitting.

Repeating an MP3 Class

Students who wish to review a class they have already completed are more than welcome to do so. You can listen to the entire class from start to finish or you can skip ahead to a specific lecture or meditation.

PDF: Dial-In Instructions

The Psychic School has a large network of telephone and online classrooms. Each course, reading, healing and teacher has their own conference line. On this page you will find the Dial-In PDF Instructions for calling into this live class.

Saving Files to Dropbox

Dropbox is an online cloud storage service that we use for sharing MP3 and PDF downloads. Having a free Dropbox account is optional, but recommended as it adds convenience by allowing you to stream your MP3 on any device and save your downloads instantly at the click of a button. Once saved to dropbox, your files are available on multiple devices, anywhere and anytime.

Saving Files to a Computer

You can always download your MP3s and PDFs to a computer, even without a Dropbox account. Downloading your materials will grant you access to your files whether you are online or offline, anywhere and anytime. This is especially useful when adding MP3s to media players like iTunes which will organize them into easy access albums based on each Psychic School course.

Download Expirations

Please be sure to download all MP3 recordings and PDF handouts sooner rather than later. Your online classroom and all downloads will be removed from the website and deleted off the server one year after this course concludes.

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