Creative Transformation Series Workshops (MP3)

Creative Transformation Series Workshops (MP3)

  • Creative Transformation Series Workshop: Exploring Your Creative Power (MP3)


    AVAILABLE NOW ON MP3 – The first installment in our ten part Creative Transformation Series. This two-hour workshop will look at the dynamics of how creative energy works and how it functions in your body and spirit. Through guided visualizations, you will attune yourself to your place in the vast dynamic web of the cosmos, and the unique creative role that is yours to express within this web. You will then integrate this knowledge into your body, and learn a technique to heal yourself using the power of your creative energy. Available for download on MP3 to graduates of Clairvoyant Meditation 102 Class and higher.

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    GIFT CERTIFICATES: Courses and Workshops – Share the miracle of psychic development with your friends and family by purchasing a gift certificate for those you love and care about most. Choose from any of our foundational courses, continuational classes, and downloadable workshops. These gift certificates will generate store credit, applicable all of our courses and services, usable by anyone of your choosing. Once your order is complete, your gift certificate will be emailed to your recipient immediately.