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LGBTQ+ Intuition Courses (Live)


  • LGBTQ+ Intuition Courses (Live)

    COURSE DISCOVERY - There are three classes offered in our LGBTQ+ Intuition Courses. You can get a free taste in our LGBTQ+ Intuition Free Open House, a one-day introduction to this specialized series. The first official course starts with our LGBTQ+ Intuition 101 Class, a six-week course where you will explore concepts of biological gender, gender from a spiritual perspective, and various sexual orientations. Training concludes in our LGBTQ+ Intuition 102 Class, a second six-week course where you will find the freedom to express your identified gender and sexuality, find safety and sanctuary in a sometimes unaccepting world, and be your true authentic self with certainty and confidence. Available to graduates of our Clairvoyant Meditation 102 Class who identify as LGBTQ+ and friends and family of those within the community.