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The Clairvoyant Teachers Program
A Two Year Advance Training in Spiritual Leadership
Wednesday January 23, 2019
Teachers Program Cost is $200 per Month
Prerequisites: The Clairvoyant Training Program

The Clairvoyant Teachers Program is especially designed for those of you who are out there teaching, or wish to be teaching and are needing some support, training and communication. It is also very appropriate for those of you who simply wish to have, enjoy and use your crown chakra to create seniority, personal power and wellness in all aspects of your life.

In the Clairvoyant Teachers Program you will:

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Discover the wisdom and certainty of a developed 7th chakra


The seventh chakra contains a powerful psychic ability called "knowingness". Through this chakra you can control and direct positive change and into any aspect of your life.

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Develop powerful teaching techniques for clairvoyance


Effective teachers must be able to communicate directly to their students soul while maintaining their own boundaries. You can teach with passion without losing your space.

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Apply your teaching skills to run and manage a business


Develop strong spiritual leadership abilities and apply these skills to your career life. You will be able to create personal and financial success and manage all aspects of your career.

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Know your true spiritual self and follow your spiritual calling


Develop a deeper knowing and understanding of your soul personality. Your will find clarity between your spirit and your higher-self and ease in knowing your life's direction and goals.

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Create positive changes and heal every aspect of your life


In Clairvoyant Training you master psychic tools and you learn how to see clairvoyantly. In the Teachers Program you apply this knowledge to life by creating the reality you desire.

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Deepen your connection and relationship with the Creator


Spiritual leadership is a calling from God. Throughout your development you will strengthen and expand your clarity, communication and understanding of the God of your own Heart.

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Use your spiritual leadership abilities to heal the planet earth


Access your true "light worker" ability to heal create positive change within the world around us. Your psychic tools will allow you to replace the darkness on earth with the light of God.

The Clairvoyant Teachers Program includes:

The Psychic School: Classes For Clairvoyant Development Through Meditation Live 2-Hour Telephone Classes Every Wednesday Night
  The Clairvoyant Teachers Program includes weekly classes taught over the telephone. Come together with teachers and students for a live interactive psychic experience.
The Psychic School: Classes For Clairvoyant Development Through Meditation 24/7 Recorded Playback of All Teacher Classes

All your live classes are recorded and accessible via telephone for up to six months. You can make up a missed class or review any of your classes whenever you wish.

The Psychic School: Classes For Clairvoyant Development Through Meditation The Teachers Program Companion Workbook
  The Teachers Program includes a companion workbook filled with visual imagery and activities to enhance your psychic development
The Psychic School: Classes For Clairvoyant Development Through Meditation Monthly One-on-One 30 Minute Clairvoyant Teacher Readings
  In the Clairvoyant Teachers Program, you will receive monthly teacher readings. These readings validate your individual growth and allow you some one-on-one time with your teachers.
The Psychic School: Classes For Clairvoyant Development Through Meditation A Psychic School Certificate of Graduationg for the Program
  People who complete the Clairvoyant Teachers Program will receive a certificate of graduation, a diploma to validate the psychic growth you achieve through the course.
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