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Student Readings (Live)

Student Readings (Live)

  • Psychic Readings by Clairvoyant Students (Live)

    APPOINTMENTS NOW AVAILABLE - Student readings are an in-depth look into who you are a spiritual being. You will discover where you are on your spiritual path, how long you have been incarnating on earth, some of the specific past lives that you are accessing in this life, and understand the aura information you are using to create your reality. Personal questions are encouraged, as your readers are happy to provide insights what will assist you in your goals.
  • Psychic Readings by Clairvoyant Graduates (Live)

    APPOINTMENTS NOW AVAILABLE - Graduate readings are performed by highly skilled experienced psychics, individuals who have completed The Clairvoyant Training Program and beyond. Find truth and clarity, awareness and healing; readers who can get to the center of your reality and shed light onto the unknown and bring answers into your life. Award yourself with enlightenment, a healing for self, and unlock your own intuitive abilities, all at the same time.
  • Gift Certificates: Readings and Healings

    GIFT CERTIFICATES: Readings and Healings - Share the magic of our psychic readings and spiritual healing with your friends and family by purchasing a gift certificate for those you love and care about most. Choose from any of our student reading services, healing clinics, and professional readers. These gift certificates will generate store credit, applicable all of our courses and services, usable by anyone of your choosing. Once your order is complete, your gift certificate will be emailed to your recipient immediately.