Psychic Services (Live)

Psychic Services (Live)

  • Psychic Readings by Clairvoyant Students (Live)


    APPOINTMENTS NOW AVAILABLE – Student readings are an in-depth look into who you are a spiritual being. You will discover where you are on your spiritual path, how long you have been incarnating on earth, some of the specific past lives that you are accessing in this life, and understand the aura information you are using to to create your reality. Personal questions are encouraged, as your readers are happy to provide insights what will assist you in your goals.

  • Psychic Readings by Clairvoyant Graduates (Live)


    APPOINTMENTS NOW AVAILABLE – Graduate readings are performed by highly skilled experienced psychics, individuals who have completed The Clairvoyant Training Program and beyond. Find truth and clarity, awareness and healing; readers who can get to the center of your reality and shed light onto the unknown and bring answers into your life. Award yourself with enlightenment, a healing for self, and unlock your own intuitive abilities, all at the same time.

  • Psychic Readings by Clairvoyant Teachers (Live)


    APPOINTMENTS NOW AVAILABLE – Our are the most professional psychic readers The Psychic School has to offer. They are passionate about providing clarity and insight for the individuals they work with and dedicated to the healing and wellbeing of others. Our psychic staff have been working as professional readers for as long as thirty years, each with hundreds of success stories under their belt and are capable of handling the toughest questions.

  • Angel Healing in the Spiritual Healing Clinic (Live)


    APPOINTMENTS NOW AVAILABLE – Powerful 15 minute healings perfromed by The Psychic School students guided by specially trained angels who work through the hands of our healers. These healings clear, rebalance, and adjust your chakras, aura, energy channels, and cellular body. Some of the angels that work in the Spiritual Healing Clinic are Psychic Surgeons as they specialize in healing the body on a cellular level

  • Angel Channeling in the Trance Medium Healing Clinic (Live)


    APPOINTMENTS NOW AVAILABLE – Powerful 15 minute out of body trance channeled healings perfromed by The Psychic School teacher. Your healers are out of their body, working with you from the dimension of spirit. At the same time, your healers are channeling highly experienced angels who will say hello and communicate with you. The healing our channelers provide is intensive and thorough, with guidance unlike any other.

  • Bali Clairvoyant Meditation Retreat (Travel)


    TEN DAYS OF PARADISE 2020 – Indulge in 10 days of relaxation, psychic awakening, and island adventure. Find yourself in a luxury villa located in the beautiful town of Ubud, renowned for its enhancing mixture of spiritual culture. Expand your spirituality on the Island of the God while exploring ancient temples, local food and counter, and tropical beaches. Our retreat will ensure you experience the best that Bali has to offer.